Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Comment for 2008

Oh I think this is the top comment posted to my blog in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Now that you have shared with the world your chilhood hand licking practice, what will I use to confirm that you are you should aliens infect our world with pod people?XO, Amy

Amy: Any alien sightings? Slurp, lick.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can you tell?

Which Dinosaur was created by a 6 year old?
Which Dinosaur was created by a 40 year old?

"Mom, let's do a project."
"Okay, what do you want to do?"
"Let's make Dinosaur puppets. I'll go get the paper and the scissors and the PASTE!!!!!"

Oh boy, let's create on demand.
"Reyde go get a dinosaur book too. I need to see a picture."
"No, that's cheating. You just have to cut it out. "
"Can't I draw it first?"
"MOM, no that's cheating."

Mine's the one on the right. Yes, the pink one with orange stripes.

Hmmm...I'm recalling a moment back in history...sitting in Auntie Joan's garage with all my cousins...making holiday baskets.

My creation once again looks like a 7 year old did it.

No. I didn't eat any paste.

Is it snowing?

Okay people, are we just a little itty bit excited about the snow? My phone has not rung so many times in a day in years.

"Is it snowing there?"
"Yeah, it is, is it there?"
"Yeah, well, it's been snowing for at least 20 minutes and I don't see it letting up."
"Well, maybe the forecasters are right this time...."

The next day...

"It's right on time, is it snowing there?"
"No, not yet."
"Well Channel 4 news said it would start about 2pm and it's snowing here."

4 hours later....

"Is it snowing still?"

"Yep, how much do you have...." You get the picture. Cuz we've all been having these conversations. Go on, admit it.

We've had fun in the snow.

No, Turbo's self esteem is not affected by his winter wardrobe.

Where's Reyde?

Oh, here he is, in the video:

Chestnuts roasting by an open fire

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

A trace of snow and we dig out the snow clothes and play. Even brought the sled out. Maybe we'll get lucky and have more snow dump on us overnight. Although I have a ton of work to do, I'd be okay with being stuck at home again. Glad we had Reyde's party yesterday instead of today. And James took the piece out, (a lovely 74 Chevy pickup; my ride to work tomorrow if we don't have more snow.) and got Reyde his cheese pizza for his birthday dinner. Roads are slick in Burien. But when you NEED cheese pizza...

Reyde and his friend Kaden had good fun trying to get James with snow balls....


It's what Reyde wanted for his 6th birthday.

It's what Reyde got for his birthday. SAVE FOR THE FACT that we bought all accessories, failing to by the frigging BAKUGANS themselves.

((sigh)) At least I didn't forget batteries for this game.

And I have no idea what it is, but I think it involves cards and strengths and powers, and goodness, I never played Dungeons and Dragons. Yeah, James didn't either.

I'm sure Reyde will get his parents up to speed.

After we buy the frigging parts to play the game.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday Festival

What a fabulous birthday festival I had. First my dear friend Colleen and I went out for dinner and tried new foods we wouldn't do when out with the boys. I don't recommend tofu fries. I don't think Colleen will either.

Then on Friday the 5th, a group of us went to Buca di Beppo's for some pasta. I sent a quick email that said, "Good God I'm turning 40, let's go eat some pasta." So we did.

This next photo is for all my Filipino co-workers. Andrea noticed me eating with my fork and big spoon. Said I had a lot of experience with a big spoon in Manila. Very comfortable. Just like old times. (In the Philippines, it is common to eat with a big spoon, like a serving spoon, and a fork. No knife. Just shovel in with the spoon. It's quite efficient, right Mom?)

Lot's of laughs, thanks to all of my friends. I'd have to say that Andrea stole the show. She is so funny. And being around her inspires you to take life less serious, laugh at yourself, and laugh at the crazy pretentious society we've become.

That's Andrea on the left, Dawn, and well, you know.

Andrea thought of the idea to send my camera recording a video around the table on the lazy Susan. Yeah, so when you watch it, she's the gal at the end. Said that maybe she'd stop doing that now that she sees what it looks like. Okay, right. Doubt it. But it was a brilliant idea.

Prior to her brilliant idea was Sherrilyn's to ask Vicky and Larry to drive the daycare van. 8 of us piled into the new van and did a pub crawl after having dinner. Hadn't planned on staying out til 1.30am. Finally went to the Bull Pen on Pacific Hwy. Wow. That was an experience.

And while we had a bit to drink, it was not one of the adults to christen the van with the upchucks. We left it to one of the daycare children. Seemed a bit more appropriate don't you think?

So here's to turning 40 and putting some glitz back in my life. So says the card my sissy la la gave to me.
Does the glitz count if it comes in the form of glitter on my new blue and white snowflake flannel sheets? Woops. Didn't realize I bought them with glitter. Hmmm...did they somehow adhere the glitter super fabulous. Nope.

"James, make sure to wash your face real good. Otherwise you will go to work with glitter on your forehead."

"Thanks Wendy."

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sitting at dinner a couple weeks ago Reyde asks me, "Mom do I have those hairy things on my face?"

You mean these, as I point to my eyebrows.

"Yeah, do I have those too?"

"Sure enough. Dad does too."

The Artiste

We truly don't understand where Reyde get's his artistic talents. It definately skipped a generation. He can create in all different mediums. And the stuff he comes up with is just plain amazing. Off to find some art classes to encourage his talents.

So here's what we have so far....on the way to Grandma Betty's for Thanksgiving Dinner, Reyde is drawing in the truck. We hear him tell us, "I'm going to draw you a picture of a motorcycle."

We wait and I envision a side profile of a motorcycle. Instead we get a head on view of Dad riding the motorcycle, with intense tread!
This morning Reyde worked with his Kids K'Nex. These are the larger pieces for kids under 4. He comes into my office and says, "Look Mom I made an Apatosaurus." Yes, Reyde, you sure did. A couple weeks ago, Reyde made these 3-D dinosaurs. He cut them out free hand, no drawing and then cutting. We love tape, so the heads and legs and very secure. You can't tell with the angle of this photo, but Reyde even cuts out the belly shape with the legs. So if you were to look at the paper animals head on, the belly is rounded.

And another creation today. It's been about 2 weeks now that letters are coming together for him. He is sounding out words and spelling signs while I am driving and asking what they say.
I said the letters to write for the Rooster. His letter form is really good in this picture. And look at the rooster and baby rooster! He just drew this while sitting at my desk. No picture of a rooster around. Check the detail of all the different color feathers on the body of the rooster.

And finally, he is taking after Mom, in that he participated in the PTA's art contest. I did back in elementary school, playing my flute.
So when this came up, and I received YET ANOTHER PIECE OF PAPER FROM THE SCHOOL, I casually asked Reyde if he wanted to participate. Sure, he said. I told him we'd have to do something special on special paper. I looked for cardstock, he saw this stationery and wanted to use it. Being that he is 5 and it is supposed to be all the kid, I said okay.
The theme for the Reflections contest is "Wow!" He drew the picture, I re-read the contest rules. I could matte and frame the picture if we so desire. Again, it's supposed to be about the kid, so I thought, heck no, we'll just submit it.
Asking Reyde how the picture relates back to the theme, he simply stated, "Because dinosaurs are cool."
Love it. Completely 5 year old.

Advent Calendar

Went to Bartell's last night, in search of a Dial foaming soap refill and spent A LOT of time in the toy aisle.

Well that's a bunny trail.

Found an Advent Calendar with stickers. Stickers??? So at the checkout stand, I asked the cashier if they had chocolate ones. We sure do and she took the time to go get us one.

So today has been a bit like the Groundhog's Day movie, explaining to Reyde that we wait until December to start eating the chocolate.

But here's the question. Should I do a survey with blogger's nifty survey option? Nah. I'll just go with my gut instinct.

What do you think we'll do? Do we count down and open the door with the number 25 on it tomorrow? Do we open the door with the #1? Why don't they have directions on the back of the packaging?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Finally getting to some way old stuff. Watched this movie in Shanghai with Fred. Very odd moment. Watching a movie with the boss. Nothing I have ever done in the last 10 years with him.

Very funny movie. I highly recommend it. For an insight into the Grantham's Philippines experience check out:


Monday, July 07, 2008

Kingston Beach Fun

It was just so special to be with family at Grandma Betty's this year.

Gotta be safe and wear your life jacket in the boat. Meanwhile Reyde is pretending to be a dinosaur with the driftwood as his horn. Reydeasaurus.

"Mom, come in the boat with me!"

Kaden, Reyde and Tyler. Ahhh, the memories of playing in the sand.

Oh my goodness. Yes, sand EVERYWHERE. And life got busy. No bath until Monday night. Euughhh. Bad mommy.

4th of July Parade

This year was pretty special. James with his cousins and their children. Enjoying the cheesy small town parade. Family is so important.
Me, Reyde and Kaden (a cousin of a cousin 2nd or 3rd or once removed.)

James and Reyde waiting for the next parade entry to come down the road. James has been working so much that Reyde wanted to be close to his Daddy. Had to wear a hat just like Dad.

We all need a goat walking the parade route right?

Biker chicks, as far as I know, no relation.
The clan. From left to right as best as I can. Triena, baby Katelynn, James, Reyde Kaden. Back to the back row, Nicki, David, Jesse, baby Ashlyn, Tyler. Back up to the back row, Chris, Caleb, Ryan, Miranda.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reyde's Last Day of School

I choked up a bit when I hugged Mrs. Hardy and said thank you for all that she has done for Reyde. I might be crying the day he goes to Marvista.

Had fun, went to the Cove for a great end of year picnic. Then we came home and he made "pillows" for dinner. So excited to roll out the frozen dough and put it in muffin tins. Throw some cheese and ham, and more dough on top. Nut don't fall far from the tree here. Plenty of bread, oohie gooey dough, melted cheese. Yummy. He set the table too. And made sure Dad was coming to the table. What a joy.

The next patient

Turbo just the week before....

It's a toss up as to who was the better patient. Although I had much more control over the dog. And while I didn't have to wrap Nancy's pills up into pieces of ham... well you know. You pick.

Something was wrong with Turbo last Monday. For the amount of money we just spent, he should feel like he went to Hawaii. (Cuz that's the amount of money we spent!) Ended up having a tumor and it was cancerous and so we don't know how much longer he'll be hanging with us. He's so stoic, it's gonna be years.

Glad he is back to his old antics.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Drawing Dinosaurs

This is for you Auntie Joan and Amy!!!! See I have finally found my artistic niche. Remember when Auntie Joan invited us all over to use up her arts and crafts supplies in her Puyallup garage? We all picked out baskets; chose ribbons and artificial flowers, to create this most beautiful holiday basket???

I remember mine looking like a 2nd grader's art project, failing miserably with wisps on glue overlapping the pretty things that were supposed to be affixed.

But alas, with all the dinosaur books and coloring books, I perhaps might have an inkling of artist in me.
I drew this dino baby on the back of the paper placemat at the VFW hall in Westport, waiting for breakfast. I'm so darn proud of it, I had it laminated at work. Reyde can treasure it for a lifetime.

And here is Reyde's baby dino, in chalk.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My little boy is growing up...

He comes in from his room tonight and says "MOM, my tooth came out of my MOUTH!!!!" Eeeeuuhhhh...so glad he did this on his own. Cuz I don't think I can handle this part of parenting. And God knows James can't. We'll have to rely on Uncle Roger to work with the ones that don't come out so easy.

So we said that we would get the tooth ready for the tooth fairy and he freaked out. Goodness knows we don't need to add fuel to the fire of the "I don't want to go to bed" so we left it that we'd learn about the tooth fairy and when he is ready we can write a note to the tooth fairy and let him know it's ready.

Now that's a run on sentence.

Monday, April 14, 2008

An Observation and Confirmation....

of the observation. My mother in law and I discussed the Dali Llama's visit to Seattle on Sunday. About how we must be peaceful on the inside, and that contentedness will project on the outside.

"You know Wendy, you are much more calm now that when you and James got together."

"Really?" (my favorite pause word to gather my thoughts.)


"Hmm, that's an interesting observation. Because my stress level has only increased throughout the years."

"Well, that's not good, you're not supposed to be hiding that from me."


So I asked for a reality check with my sissy la-la and she concurred. Wild, so looking up the antonym of calm I find:

2. tempestuous. 3. agitated.


A commitment to lotion

As part of my travels, I feel it's my "value added perk" of hotel stays to abscond with all the travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Over the last trip to Salt Lake City and Chicago, I came home with a crapload of the bottles.

1) Hospitality suppliers must get with the ball on recycle. Where's my triangle to recycle the darn things? Hello?????
2) While the rectangular bottles may seem fancy and cool, the plastic they decided to use is so rigid you can't get the product out of them.
3) James doesn't like glycerin soap.
4) I appreciate the "at cost" salon quality shampoo and conditioner that has been part of my entire life.
5) The shampoo and conditioner empty much quicker than the lotions.
6) I have never in my life been so committed to lotion.

For the first time in my life, I can't say that I've done my good ol kid trick of licking my hands to moisten them.

Aren't you proud of me Amy?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Patient and the Surgery Site

Mom's doing well, 5 days after back surgery. She's back to looking like herself. And yes, she knows that I am posting this photos SANS MAKEUP.

Modern medicine at it's best. Back surgery site, 4 bandaids and you're good.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chicago Deep...

Dish pizza and Lake Michigan.

More later. But I must admit. Even for this bread lover, the Chicago deep dish pizza I ate had too much crust for me!

And holy cow batman. The shuttle from the convention drove past Lake Michigan. The enormity of that body of water took my breath away. AMAZING.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can I tell you how AMAZING I think my child is?

Well, his preschool teacher tells me his drawing is advanced. But I am amazed at his 3-D abilities. He creates dinosaurs, cars, planes, trains, trucks. It blows me away.

And when I make something, he cocks his head to one side, and says, "oh that's good Mom." Pauses for a few seconds, and then fixes my creation. He tells me I'm a genius. I tell him to tell everyone he knows. Perhaps I can wow him with some genius abilities when it comes to math.

Dad can take care of art class.

Oh, I and I can take care of the fundraising, selling candy bars, magazine subscriptions. I'll begin immediate practice on overcoming objections.