Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How'd I miss posting this?

Cleaning up my email inbox...how'd I forget to post this? Conversations on the floor from February 23, 2007

We are having some fun at work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m going to miss working in the environment in the Philippines. We all have fun, the individuals support and encourage other’s success, and yet the competitive atmosphere still exists. The camaraderie is something else.

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been joking around about the differences in Filipino and American pronunciation. The banter back and forth yesterday left us all “busting a gut.” The whole floor laughed so hard we had to take a minute to compose ourselves.

I know it’s a “you had to be there moment,” but nonetheless it went something like this.

“We should have a crazy hat day here. What do you think Drew,” Loree says. Drew is ignoring her and she says to the team, “He’s ignoring me.”

“I’ll wear my purple tutu,” comments Ryan.

“He didn’t just say purple tutu did he,” I ask. So I pipe up over our half cube walls, “I double dog dare your Ryan to wear your purple tutu to work. I’ll bring my camera and put your picture on my blog.”

The giggling on the floor starts up. Kristian sits to my right, a very quiet guy who I love to joke around with. It’s so hard to get him to lose his professional composure. So I ask, “Kristian, what color is your tutu?”

Loree pipes up, “It’s PHINK!” (Yes, PHINK, not PINK. Filipinos have a hard time pronouncing the Puh sound in pink.)

And at that point we are all laughing so hard we can’t help it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend at the Beach....not Boracay

The guys look a little sad that I left Manila...

And these boys look a little glad that I am back in Seattle...

Went to Westport Washington this weekend. We awoke on Saturday morning and let Reyde know that we were headed to the beach. He asked if we could go to Boracay. Ummm....it's not in the cards this weekend, we'll just have to settle for Westport.

A BALMY 4 DEGREES CELSIUS. Ouch. I get an email from Fred tonight that it's cooking at 35C in Manila. (Translates to 45 and 95 fahrenheit.)