Monday, February 26, 2007

Back from Baguio

Another quick out of the conungle trip. 52 hours in all. Went to Baguio, the summer capitol of the Philippines. I'll have a much longer entry later, must go take a nap before heading into work tonight. There were so many funny moments...I hope to capture them all in writing.

Went to the parade. How funny was that! I have maybe 2 clear pictures of floats. It seems the thing to do in the Philippines is to run up to the float and get your picture taken with it. So while this is the not most flattering picture of dear Wendy....I'm doing as the natives do...

We headed to the mall after the parade, and look here's a chicken....

And we laughed our heads off at this sign....

Loree our newest Ifugao princess...

Now how's this for hospitality? A welcome sign to the toilet!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Basketball anyone?

Basketball is the game in the Philippines. The guys play quite often. First time for me to check out the action.

They ran fast in the beginning. Got a bit slower as the play ensued. I'd have slowed down too; playing on a court in the basement parking garage of the Makati Stock Exchange. Nothing like breathing in stale hot air with exhaust fumes every so often.

So here's the still photos:

So the first movie is the guys playing basketball.

And the second is the spectators, then Markie Mark and then Mandrake. Those two always pose.

There's another one to come but I am too tired to wait. I'm headed to bed.

Okay, so I waited. Here's the 3rd one.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pressure is off Reyde...

to carry on the Grantham family name. Chris and Miranda had a baby boy on Tuesday February 20th.

Here's the link to their blog.

Joy's gonna love this next sentence....


I must be tired. It's 1.20pm. I'm going to bed.

Monday, February 19, 2007

My Boys Have Gone Home

It’s been 5 days since I put James and Reyde on the airplane to go back to Seattle. Day 1 passed with the help of Tylenol PM. Slept from 8am to 4.30pm. With that much sleep I was quite productive at work. Still at the back of my mind I worried until I called James’s USA cell phone and heard his very tired voice. Day 2 passed with the help of “Rexy Sexy.” Took a nap, went to Rexy the hair dresser and had my hair colored, foiled and cut. Went to work a bit tired but with incredible hair. Day 3 (Saturday) I took a nap and set the alarm to go to the gym. Very hard to wake up, snoozed for a half hour before I dragged myself out of bed. Got back from the gym about 1.30 and promptly went up to the pool and laid out in the sun. AAAAHHHHH I love the sun. The heat is kicking back up, it’s gonna be killer here in April and May. Went shopping with Loree and met up with Rico and his girlfriend at Greenbelt. At 9.30pm I had to crash. Day 4 started at the gym, then off on an adventure to Santa Rosa in Laguna for Rico’s birthday. It was so nice to be in a neighborhood and not in the conungle (my new word- concrete and jungle combined.)

So while I’ve kept myself busy, I really miss my boys. And I am in the countdown to departure. 35 days to be as effective as I can with training, working with “team Wendy,” seeing as much as I can of this beautiful country that I have come to love, with feelings conflicting of the sadness of leaving such great people to work with and happiness in really looking forward to seeing my boys, my dogs, and getting on with life in the USA.

I look at my Reyde and James pictures. I watch my Reyde videos. And put my game face on at work .
(post script…just got off the phone with James and Reyde. Reyde talked about getting on the airplane, and going to the airport, and going to Boracay. James tells me that he talks about going back to Valero to most people he sees. Perhaps Reyde will remember more than just Starbucks and chocolate donuts, elevators, taxis and asking me “What’s that smell?”

Monday, February 12, 2007

Yes, we went to PARADISE again

We look like a happy married couple! Here's the sunset at the resort
James getting on the boat to come home.
Tasty adult bevie. Been up for a long time at this point.
You might see this again...can we say Christmas Card?
Here's a link of Reyde getting on the boat. Just a glimpse of the fab beach and water and water noise.

I tell you what. I would sell everything and move to Boracay if they had a good medical facility. Yes, sell lock stock and barrel. Who cares about retirement planning. Life is that beautiful in Boracay. Oh and by the way, James agrees.
Just not me saying this.

We went for two nights and 3 days, stayed at Fridays Resort and enjoyed the beach. Enjoyed the quiet serene beauty, the people, the pool, the water, the tasty adult bevies. All around great time.

James is a bit bitter about my going one more time with Mom in March. I said we'll just have to plan to come back in 2008.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Roneys in Manila!

What a lovely time we are having. Amy, Roger, and Katie arrived at the condo on technically Friday morning at 1.30am.

Lots of pictures to share and stories to tell. When I brought Amy to work last night, I asked one of my co-workers, "Don't we look alike?" She replied, "No, she's more Chinese." Well now isn't that a new way to assess the facial character of deepset eyes?

Here's the Roneys at San Agustin Church in Manila. We spent the day being tourists, visiting Intramuros, San Augustin Church, and the CCP. (Cultural Center of the Philippines.) They have a total of 103 hours in Manila. The first 45 hours have been fabulous. I love my sister.