Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pics from the weekend

Can you believe it? I finally sit down to upload my photos onto Flickr and I get the message, "Flickr is having a massage." Huh? From 8-10pm tonight, Flickr is down for updates.

So here's a snapshot of some of the fun in Westport Washington. COLD COLD COLD. It was sooo cooooold, as Vanessa in the Philippines said, "your mouth is smoking." Uhhh, no we say that you can see your breath! Very cold and windy and rainy. The typical Westport Memorial Day Weekend.

Highlight of the event? Would have to be all the grilling we did. Thanks James!

My attempt at being artsy fartsy with the marina in the background and crab pot in front.
Wesport harbor
Trying to capture a picture of Turbo jumping in the air.
So James thought Reyde would enjoy sleeping in the tent. Hmmm, looks like Nitro and Turbo enjoyed it more.
Reyde on his battery powered ATV. So cool.
Helping Dad clean up the trailor.
Gotta take a picture of look at that an ORANGE truck.
Seagulls for Mom.
"Dad drive your tractor and we'll be a train!"

Thursday, May 17, 2007