Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Now that was impulsive

Are you kidding me? Nope. Had an impulsive moment and went with it. It all started with Uncle Rex offering up, yet another, 70s Chevy truck. I stomped my foot and said, "the next vehicle that comes onto our property is going to be a sports car for me!"

Had no idea the Pontiac Solstice was in existence until we drove to the Mazda dealership to test drive a Miata. James casually mentions as we drive by it, "What about that one?" I figured it was out of my price range. (When did I acquire a price range?)

What more can I say? VROOM VROOM.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yes, what they say is true...about...

20 year highschool class reunions.

Stand up comedians crack jokes about walking up to people and staring at their chests before talking to them. Yup, I did it and people did it to me. Ugh.

Cliques still around. Yup.

Odd memories come flashing back? Oh yeah. And knowing that I probably wouldn't see these people again, I shared the memories with them.

James and I went to my 20 year class reunion last night. We ran late and arrived after dinner had been served. More people showed up than expected and we dined standing up. $90 buffet of pasta with red or white sauce, a roast beef station, salad, and appetizer veggies. Had I known we could just show up and drink, I would definitely have done that.

Words can't describe what I witnessed. 16 Candles Revisited.

The girls who didn't fit in still didn't fit in and painfully stood out in the crowd.

We stood around and stared much longer than anyone should stare at one another attempting to figure out who you are/were. And then if you couldn't figure it out, you walk up really close to see the name tag and the picture from 1987. Reunion etiquette (never spoken mind you,) is such that if you realize you don't know this person you are intimately acquiring close up knowledge of their chest with, you simply walk away. Or you can start a conversation and talk about nothing until you move on to the next person. But know that you have to immediately begin looking for that next person if you start the conversation.

So while I am glad I went because I reconnected with a guy that I was very curious about, I tend to think I won't attend again. The $2000 question I have now is if I fly across the world to attend a reunion if it gets organized in Australia or do I pass?

Highlights of the evening?
  • Seeing Billy who I went to school with since kindergarten. I say hello to him and he goes to his wife, "this is the girl I was telling you about, who had a ghost...SEYMOUR DELPHI DARIUM!" I can't recall Billy being at our house. Makes you wonder what other memories people have of you that you haven't a clue about.
  • Telling another guy that I was so afraid of dropping one of my really long fingernails for fear that he'd make a voodoo doll with it. His wife laughed. He commented that he probably did make voodoo dolls. And when James and I excused ourselves from the table, he said "now don't leave any of you here." I wiped the table. Hopefully no hair or saliva remained behind.
  • Seeing Ronnie from kindergarten as well. Wow, 4 children and 20 years of marriage.
  • Seeing Kim and reminiscing about 2nd grade and showing her how to use the water fountain. Oh, and telling James that this was the sleepover that I had the panic attack at and left at 6pm instead of 6am. Kim remembered that.
  • Catching up with Kevin. The only classmate that I gave my business card to. I flew out of the office on Friday without grabbing more. I told him that I only had one and he was the one I wanted to give it to. James and I will have he and his wife over for dinner. So while the event was not as I had hoped it would be, I am thankful to have reconnected with Kevin. An intelligent, nice guy, who genuinely seemed interested.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Those silly directions on product packaging...

It went something like this...

"Wendy, are you afraid of spiders?" And before I really have a chance to answer, "Because there is a spider in the lunchroom and it's holding my popcorn hostage!"

So Amber and I walk into the lunchroom. We are temporarily distracted by the smell of burning popcorn. I open the microwave door and a poof of yellow smoke billows out of the door.

"OH MY GOD. It's on fire!"

I replied to Amber, "No, I don't think so, but maybe you should get the fire extinguisher," and I close the door of the microwave to contain the yellow smoke.

Amber runs back in the lunchroom with the extinguisher and Michelle, our safety committee person.

"YOU cannot use that extinguisher, you haven't been trained." Michelle emphatically states.

I walk past the spider, who caused the incident, get a paper cup and TRAP him!

We are fanning the sprinkler heads to make sure they don't go off. Hmmm. I decide we must take the popcorn out of the building to get it doused with water and get the smell removed.

So I open the door again. The yellow smoke is gone. Walking gingerly through the warehouse I begin to giggle. The popcorn producers do say to stand by the microwave, do not leave popcorn unattended.

I'd tend to agree.

I douse the popcorn with water, leave it out on the loading dock and head back to the lunch room.

Grabbing a pseudo fan, a laminated warning card about the lunchroom being for AMMEX employees, I slip it under the cup, and take the criminal outside.

I fling him with gusto out into the shrubbery.

"Oh, Wendy, you are so nice."

"There's nothing nice about it. I just don't like to hear the spider body go CRUNCH when you step on them."

Okay, so let's resume working. But alas, I have my camera. So I head back out to the loading dock to take a picture of...."WHEN POPCORN GOES BAD...."

While it looks like black beans on corn tortilla's popcorn.

"I feel like calling the company, I am so upset right now." Amber rambles on in the sales pit.

"Uh, calling them because you didn't follow their directions about not leaving popcorn unattend?"

"But there was a spider!"

"Yes, you should tell them to address aracniphobia (or however you spell it, I'm gonna be late for work, I'm not spell checking) on their packaging for sure."

Today's lunch is all raw foods, or ones that don't need re-heating.