Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Comment for 2008

Oh I think this is the top comment posted to my blog in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Now that you have shared with the world your chilhood hand licking practice, what will I use to confirm that you are you should aliens infect our world with pod people?XO, Amy

Amy: Any alien sightings? Slurp, lick.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can you tell?

Which Dinosaur was created by a 6 year old?
Which Dinosaur was created by a 40 year old?

"Mom, let's do a project."
"Okay, what do you want to do?"
"Let's make Dinosaur puppets. I'll go get the paper and the scissors and the PASTE!!!!!"

Oh boy, let's create on demand.
"Reyde go get a dinosaur book too. I need to see a picture."
"No, that's cheating. You just have to cut it out. "
"Can't I draw it first?"
"MOM, no that's cheating."

Mine's the one on the right. Yes, the pink one with orange stripes.

Hmmm...I'm recalling a moment back in history...sitting in Auntie Joan's garage with all my cousins...making holiday baskets.

My creation once again looks like a 7 year old did it.

No. I didn't eat any paste.

Is it snowing?

Okay people, are we just a little itty bit excited about the snow? My phone has not rung so many times in a day in years.

"Is it snowing there?"
"Yeah, it is, is it there?"
"Yeah, well, it's been snowing for at least 20 minutes and I don't see it letting up."
"Well, maybe the forecasters are right this time...."

The next day...

"It's right on time, is it snowing there?"
"No, not yet."
"Well Channel 4 news said it would start about 2pm and it's snowing here."

4 hours later....

"Is it snowing still?"

"Yep, how much do you have...." You get the picture. Cuz we've all been having these conversations. Go on, admit it.

We've had fun in the snow.

No, Turbo's self esteem is not affected by his winter wardrobe.

Where's Reyde?

Oh, here he is, in the video:

Chestnuts roasting by an open fire

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

A trace of snow and we dig out the snow clothes and play. Even brought the sled out. Maybe we'll get lucky and have more snow dump on us overnight. Although I have a ton of work to do, I'd be okay with being stuck at home again. Glad we had Reyde's party yesterday instead of today. And James took the piece out, (a lovely 74 Chevy pickup; my ride to work tomorrow if we don't have more snow.) and got Reyde his cheese pizza for his birthday dinner. Roads are slick in Burien. But when you NEED cheese pizza...

Reyde and his friend Kaden had good fun trying to get James with snow balls....


It's what Reyde wanted for his 6th birthday.

It's what Reyde got for his birthday. SAVE FOR THE FACT that we bought all accessories, failing to by the frigging BAKUGANS themselves.

((sigh)) At least I didn't forget batteries for this game.

And I have no idea what it is, but I think it involves cards and strengths and powers, and goodness, I never played Dungeons and Dragons. Yeah, James didn't either.

I'm sure Reyde will get his parents up to speed.

After we buy the frigging parts to play the game.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday Festival

What a fabulous birthday festival I had. First my dear friend Colleen and I went out for dinner and tried new foods we wouldn't do when out with the boys. I don't recommend tofu fries. I don't think Colleen will either.

Then on Friday the 5th, a group of us went to Buca di Beppo's for some pasta. I sent a quick email that said, "Good God I'm turning 40, let's go eat some pasta." So we did.

This next photo is for all my Filipino co-workers. Andrea noticed me eating with my fork and big spoon. Said I had a lot of experience with a big spoon in Manila. Very comfortable. Just like old times. (In the Philippines, it is common to eat with a big spoon, like a serving spoon, and a fork. No knife. Just shovel in with the spoon. It's quite efficient, right Mom?)

Lot's of laughs, thanks to all of my friends. I'd have to say that Andrea stole the show. She is so funny. And being around her inspires you to take life less serious, laugh at yourself, and laugh at the crazy pretentious society we've become.

That's Andrea on the left, Dawn, and well, you know.

Andrea thought of the idea to send my camera recording a video around the table on the lazy Susan. Yeah, so when you watch it, she's the gal at the end. Said that maybe she'd stop doing that now that she sees what it looks like. Okay, right. Doubt it. But it was a brilliant idea.

Prior to her brilliant idea was Sherrilyn's to ask Vicky and Larry to drive the daycare van. 8 of us piled into the new van and did a pub crawl after having dinner. Hadn't planned on staying out til 1.30am. Finally went to the Bull Pen on Pacific Hwy. Wow. That was an experience.

And while we had a bit to drink, it was not one of the adults to christen the van with the upchucks. We left it to one of the daycare children. Seemed a bit more appropriate don't you think?

So here's to turning 40 and putting some glitz back in my life. So says the card my sissy la la gave to me.
Does the glitz count if it comes in the form of glitter on my new blue and white snowflake flannel sheets? Woops. Didn't realize I bought them with glitter. Hmmm...did they somehow adhere the glitter super fabulous. Nope.

"James, make sure to wash your face real good. Otherwise you will go to work with glitter on your forehead."

"Thanks Wendy."