Thursday, July 24, 2008


Finally getting to some way old stuff. Watched this movie in Shanghai with Fred. Very odd moment. Watching a movie with the boss. Nothing I have ever done in the last 10 years with him.

Very funny movie. I highly recommend it. For an insight into the Grantham's Philippines experience check out:

Monday, July 07, 2008

Kingston Beach Fun

It was just so special to be with family at Grandma Betty's this year.

Gotta be safe and wear your life jacket in the boat. Meanwhile Reyde is pretending to be a dinosaur with the driftwood as his horn. Reydeasaurus.

"Mom, come in the boat with me!"

Kaden, Reyde and Tyler. Ahhh, the memories of playing in the sand.

Oh my goodness. Yes, sand EVERYWHERE. And life got busy. No bath until Monday night. Euughhh. Bad mommy.

4th of July Parade

This year was pretty special. James with his cousins and their children. Enjoying the cheesy small town parade. Family is so important.
Me, Reyde and Kaden (a cousin of a cousin 2nd or 3rd or once removed.)

James and Reyde waiting for the next parade entry to come down the road. James has been working so much that Reyde wanted to be close to his Daddy. Had to wear a hat just like Dad.

We all need a goat walking the parade route right?

Biker chicks, as far as I know, no relation.
The clan. From left to right as best as I can. Triena, baby Katelynn, James, Reyde Kaden. Back to the back row, Nicki, David, Jesse, baby Ashlyn, Tyler. Back up to the back row, Chris, Caleb, Ryan, Miranda.