Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Until We Meet Again

You come into my life as the leaves begin to fall in October.

We spend the holidays together. You greet me each morning yellow as the summer sun amidst the dark dreary Seattle days.

The creamy sensation as you touch my lips overwhelms my senses. I awaken with your spice.

And as the New Year rounds the corner, we settle into January knowing that our time together is short lived. I question the day that I must ask you to leave. It's not fair, but it has to be done. And sometimes it is not my choice, but rather left to others affecting our relationship.

Know that I love you; everything about you. Don't be sad.

I go through a range of emotions as I know you are soon departing. I get angry and what you've done to my body; but I am a willing participant. It's a vicious cycle we go through. The push and pull of oneness.

I put up walls to defend myself and show my strength. I won't let you see how lonely I'll be without you. Part of me wants a gentle goodbye, you waving and not losing eye contact with me until the distance is long between us. But I know what's best for me.

Don't let the door hit you EGGNOG!
See ya next year.