Sunday, November 26, 2006


Really quick, since I have to go to bed soon. It's 4pm in Manila. We just got back from paradise, so says James. Yes, truly paradise. Absolutely beautiful. I don't know if I can come up with words to describe the island of Boracay. Here's some photos. More to come when I get a chance to pay for a Flickr account.

1) Beach on the way to the market area.
2) Reyde walking the beach.
3) Boarding the boat we took snorkeling and island hopping.
4) Island terrain.
5) James and Reyde in the pool.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Headed to Boracay for Thanksgiving

The adventure continues! James, Reyde and I are headed to Boracay on Thanksgiving Day and spending the weekend at one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Can't believe it. We have reserved a beachfront cabin for 4 nights, 5 days. Planning on having a grand time, taking our shoes off on Thursday and putting them back on on Monday to head home.

Boracay is an hour flight from Manila, we then take a boat and a taxi to get to the resort.

Am not planning on taking my laptop, so no Skyping home for the holiday. We'll be thinking of you all. Probably have a pumpkin flavored tasty adult bevie in your honors!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Reyde's 2nd official day of school

Isn't he cute? Won't he just love this picture as an adult....nice yellow shorts and green shirt.

We have enrolled Reyde into Cambridge International Learning Center. It is a Singapore based school, with instruction in English. All school is taught in English here in the Philippines.

5 other children in his class: 2 Japanese, 1 Indian, 1 Korean, and 1 Filipino.

The best part of the school? WOO WOO. A freaking Christmas program. Not Winter party, not Holiday party, not nothing but a

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Family Portrait....

As interpreted by: Reyde Grantham
Media: Play Doh

I think he said from left to right, Reyde, Daddy and Mommy.

All is well, Reyde and James have almost 1 week under their belt. The transition to the time zone happened in the last few days. The first couple both of them were up from 11pm to 6am. Just a little off kilter. Have gone to the mall a couple times, gone to the grocery store a couple times, and James is now feeling a bit more comfortable in where he is.

Went to Starbuck's on Saturday morning after I got off work. Sat outside and watched the Saturday morning routine of the city. James has observed that life is at a slower pace here; and I absolutely agree. People go to Starbucks with friends, order coffee and stay there to drink it and visit. I've become accustomed to Starbucks being a destination and an event; I told James that when we get home, we'll be walking up to North Hill Espresso and going in for coffee. Heather, the owner/barista, won't know what to do with us visiting for a 1/2 hour or more! I commented on this to the employees in Manila and they asked what do we do with our coffee? I said we go thru the drive thru or buy it and go back into our cars! We do everything in our cars!

Every Saturday morning, there is a food market at the park near our condo. Amazing smells. Organic fruit and veggies for sale as well. We'll be trying some of the foods next weekend.

After our morning out, we headed up to the pool for Reyde to play.

The water is not heated, but quite refreshing. He played around the edge mostly; when I get in today, I'm sure he'll get in. Brrr!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

No plans on Sunday? Here's something to do...

I know, you are probably looking for some pictures of us in Manila...but haven't taken any as a family yet. Maybe today.

It's fabulous to have James and Reyde here. The boys are getting accustomed to city life and all the splendor.

James's perspective..."I wouldn't walk underneath those electric lines. "

Reyde's perspective..."What's that smell?" (From the odor of the traffic, the food vendors on the street, the deodorizers in the elevators, etc.)

And another from Reyde, "Oh look, there's another taxi. And a jeepney, and a taxi, and another taxi....Mom are we going to ride in a taxi???"

Finally...if you have no plans on Sunday, head on down to the Inn at Lucky Mud...hear my Uncle Bob rattle off some tunes....

Saturday, November 04, 2006

40 hours to go!

Life is good. Have finally gotten internet installed at the condo. Was able to skype with my in laws, and see Amy, Katie, Mom, Reyde and James at home. Showed Reyde the toys I have purchased. He wanted to see them a couple times, so I do hope the flight will go well. He's got to get on the plane to see the toys!

Have spent a good portion of the afternoon attempting to figure out posting photos. Have opened a Flickr account. Hit this link to see more photos of Lake Taal.

Michelle from the USA office left yesterday morning. Tamara from the USA office arrives tonight. Then T minus 40 hours to see my family!