Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Adventure Ends

Wow. This week has gone by so very fast. It seems as if it were weeks ago that I flew into Manila, out of sorts, low on blood sugar and out of my element. It took just one shift in the office to feel at home again.

My co-workers saved their photos on a disc for me so I can upload a few pictures. (My IT department updated my work lap top prior to my departure and now I don't have camera wizard!)

A quick run down, and perhaps why the week went by so quickly.

Friday was a 24 hour day. Funny how you can stay up all night when you are surrounded by people in an office environment with bright green walls and fluorescent lighting. Headed to the beach on Saturday morning after a quick 2 hour "power nap."
7 hours later, and only 270kms, (150 miles,) we arrived at the beach. Had wonderful food prepared by Vanessa's Mom, met Vanessa's baby, and cooled off in the pool and the South China Sea.
Yes, that's me in the photo. Reina took this shot on her phone. We had such a good time at the resort. Not only did I come to Manila to train on the art of selling gloves, but I might have exposed some folks to basic, rudimentary synchronized swimming skills. Wait til you see the videos I upload when I get home.

Slept soundly Saturday night. So soundly. That's what exhaustion will do for you.

Sunday was filled with sightseeing in Agoo, visiting the Catholic church where attending services is an event. Concessions stands, toys, cotton candy, a carnival atmosphere. Hiked to a tourist hot spot of the 90s where a man said he saw the Virgin Mary and that she said rose petals would fall from a guava tree. (The tree is dead now.)
Back to the beach resort to have a wonderful picnic prepared by Vanessa's Mom and Dad. Grilled mussels, fish, crab, prawns. Papaya coleslaw, fresh mango, watermelon, rice, veggies. Incredible.

Monday was another 24 hour day.

Wednesday morning after shift, had a quick "2 hour power nap" and went to the mall with Vic, Reina, Melody, Czarina, and Neil to get my hair cut. $7 cut by a super senior stylist. Not just a senior stylist, but a super senior stylist. Too funny. Went shopping for handbags for gifts. Found a really cool one, bought it in 7 colors. Now I am coming home with11 bags and 15 scarves from China. Christmas shopping done early.

Got some better sleep before shift Thursday. Now it is 9.30 am Friday morning and my flight leaves at 7.30 Saturday morning. Still need to walk to Glorietta and see what's new there. Gotta get one of those power naps in again and pack and get ready for work tonight.

The time has gone by so quick. Hopefully I come back again this year. So much fun in the office and really good training sessions. I miss Manila.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wish me LUCK!

So, this will probably be way too much information.

Maybe I should not have eaten that lovely snack Phil brought me at the booth yesterday.

And I have been exposed to the crud. All three kids have it and Norma and Fred.

I awoke today knowing that I have a stomach and the length of my intestines as gas moves through every nook and cranny of it. Blah.

I pray I do not get the crud. Especially tomorrow as I fly to Manila.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

China Update

Thought I'd show you where I stay when I am in China. I'd call this house design confused.

Must include a picture of food, right? Had this snack at the trade show. My co-worker Phil brought it back from the"7-11."

"Wendy, would you like to have a try?"

"What is it?"

"I don't know."

Bottoms up.

And lastly, some of the cool products I've seen at the show.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Flamingo has landed

Technically, I can say I've been to Japan. I don't know that the Holiday Inn at Narita Airport really counts...but having missed my connecting flight last night I got to stay in Japan and have my passport stamped.

I do recommend in having a change of clothes in your carry on. Me, not this time. I had 12 pairs of socks though.

Trying to stay up a couple more hours to get into this time zone.

At the last minute, I took out my Sun Valley sweatshirt as I figured I wouldn't need it. Wrong wrong wrong. The house has no heat. It's colder in the house than outside!