Sunday, February 27, 2011

I asked Reyde to practice art. Got a dinosaur, a race track, and "can I play Wii now?"

"No, you need to practice shading, and shadows from light."

I put a car in front of the table lamp. He took it from there.

"Hey Reyde."


"Now. You can play Wii."

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

It's a bit presumptious

But I often dream about being a brand. And today, I doodled an idea for my brand.


On vacation this and next week. James is at work, Reyde is at school and I have all the time to do what I want. Haven't gotten to much of what I thought I would, but it's only Wednesday right?

Having been on a creative binge of sorts for a while I indulge in a few movies. I can't just sit and watch though, it drives me batty. Lacing up my shoes, turning up the volume, I set my treadmill in motion and enjoy the escape of a good story.

With the Oscars just around the corner, I catch "The Kids are Allright," "The Social Network," and "Crazy Heart." (Yeah Crazy Heart is from last year and Jeff Bridges performance was so good.)

I love it when a story brings forth emotion. I'm inspired and motivated by The Social Network. Gosh, why can't I invent the next biggest thing?

Crazy Heart on the other hand was off the charts for tears. Tears? Yeah. Tears. I mean it wasn't that sad of a story. Brdiges character reminded me so much of Dad. The unkept hair, dirty clothes, a man lost. There wasn't much similarity other than that, a man alone in the world with the realization that he'd lost someone. Trying to make amends. Seeing it from Bridges character's perspective I cried for how my Dad must have felt.

So, having balled my eyes out while not falling off the treadmill, I figure I should check in with Amy. Because it seems that when I am missing Dad, she is too. We are connected that way. Chit chat about this and that, and I bring up the movie.

"Have you seen it yet?"

"No, is it good?"

"Well, on the Dad-o-meter it's off the charts. Bridges character looks like Dad and I cried like a baby."

"I better not watch it then. I'm missing Dad."

"Yeah, me too."

Grief sucks.

Meeting Miss Lula Belle

After falling backwards, hitting my head on the compact snow and chattering my teeth, I decided to go shopping with the girls last Tuesday in Sun Valley. Best to rest my head for a day and give my whiplashed neck a break from the action. Time out for Wendy. And "they" say you don't need to wear a helmet when cross country skiing. I say they need to design a sleek line of helmets with fun design in mind while protecting the noggin from the occasional nordic mishap.

Carol, Vivi, Nancy, Joy and I headed into Ketchum Idaho and hit up the consignment shops first. In years past, the ladies had found quite the prize in this playground town for the uber rich.

The first stop was The Dollhouse. Perusing the goods, I didn't find anything I couldn't live without. Settling on the bench for trying on shoes, I wait for the ladies to finish shopping. The shop owner directed us to another consignment store down the road. "We refer back and forth you know? Keeps us in business. Head that way for 2 blocks and you'll find Consign Design."

Off we went. Stepping into the shop, we realize that this is an upscale store. Miss Lula Belle catches my eye immediately. She's sitting on the shelf, a bright spot amongst the brown and black offerings. I try her on, looking at her in the mirror. She's lovely and the price is too. Sitting her back down, I wander throughout the store.

Not being a fashionista, I ask Aunt Nancy what she thinks of Lula Belle. Lovely color but is the texture all wrong? The color is spring and summer, but the texture is all winter. I don't even know what you call it. Cow fur? It's one of my favorite colors, she's one of a kind, but I don't know. Will I use it?

We leave the shop, but Miss Lula Belle remains on my mind. Having taken a photo I decide to show James to see his reaction. If he doesn't say much I figure I can go back and buy her; if he says something it's unlikely I'd choose to use the bag much.

No reaction, "buy it Wendy," is all he says.

The following day, Aunt Nancy and I go nordic skiing (with helmet.)After lunch we head back into town and I go back to Consign Design. Miss Lula Belle sits on a different shelf, and my hopes are dashed for a brief moment until I see her. I guess it was meant to be.

The store owner tells me that Miss Lula Belle came in with an expensive herd. "She had $20,000 in handbags that had never been used." Inquiring about the designer, Temma Dahan, the owner didn't know much about her.

A few nights later, after our usual Rummikub competition, I googled Temma Dahan. Mind you, it was late, about 11.30pm. I didn't find much save for the tag line about the designer creating bags for the "modern princess." Uncle Clem, Aunt Nancy, Joy and I got a kick out of that. Lula Belle sat on the kitchen counter between us all.

"I'm a modern princess dammit," I say and Uncle Clem busts out laughing. We all do. As if Lula Belle will bring out the princess qualities in me. Perhaps I need to add a few rhinestones to her.

Sifting through more links, I try to find her worth. Hoping that she was one of the more spendy individuals in the herd, I can't find anything online. She's one of a kind.

Out of the blue, (I suppose pun intended,) Joy asks, "I wonder if she'll attract flies like cows do?"

We all laugh so hard that Joy is crying Nancy is wiping her eyes and Clem is leaning over the counter, he can't stand straight. Loud enough to get James out of bed and come in to see what all the fuss is about.

I now am on a quest to find a rhinestone fly to adorn Miss Lula Bell. Here she is out to pasture: