Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sitting at dinner a couple weeks ago Reyde asks me, "Mom do I have those hairy things on my face?"

You mean these, as I point to my eyebrows.

"Yeah, do I have those too?"

"Sure enough. Dad does too."

The Artiste

We truly don't understand where Reyde get's his artistic talents. It definately skipped a generation. He can create in all different mediums. And the stuff he comes up with is just plain amazing. Off to find some art classes to encourage his talents.

So here's what we have so far....on the way to Grandma Betty's for Thanksgiving Dinner, Reyde is drawing in the truck. We hear him tell us, "I'm going to draw you a picture of a motorcycle."

We wait and I envision a side profile of a motorcycle. Instead we get a head on view of Dad riding the motorcycle, with intense tread!
This morning Reyde worked with his Kids K'Nex. These are the larger pieces for kids under 4. He comes into my office and says, "Look Mom I made an Apatosaurus." Yes, Reyde, you sure did. A couple weeks ago, Reyde made these 3-D dinosaurs. He cut them out free hand, no drawing and then cutting. We love tape, so the heads and legs and very secure. You can't tell with the angle of this photo, but Reyde even cuts out the belly shape with the legs. So if you were to look at the paper animals head on, the belly is rounded.

And another creation today. It's been about 2 weeks now that letters are coming together for him. He is sounding out words and spelling signs while I am driving and asking what they say.
I said the letters to write for the Rooster. His letter form is really good in this picture. And look at the rooster and baby rooster! He just drew this while sitting at my desk. No picture of a rooster around. Check the detail of all the different color feathers on the body of the rooster.

And finally, he is taking after Mom, in that he participated in the PTA's art contest. I did back in elementary school, playing my flute.
So when this came up, and I received YET ANOTHER PIECE OF PAPER FROM THE SCHOOL, I casually asked Reyde if he wanted to participate. Sure, he said. I told him we'd have to do something special on special paper. I looked for cardstock, he saw this stationery and wanted to use it. Being that he is 5 and it is supposed to be all the kid, I said okay.
The theme for the Reflections contest is "Wow!" He drew the picture, I re-read the contest rules. I could matte and frame the picture if we so desire. Again, it's supposed to be about the kid, so I thought, heck no, we'll just submit it.
Asking Reyde how the picture relates back to the theme, he simply stated, "Because dinosaurs are cool."
Love it. Completely 5 year old.

Advent Calendar

Went to Bartell's last night, in search of a Dial foaming soap refill and spent A LOT of time in the toy aisle.

Well that's a bunny trail.

Found an Advent Calendar with stickers. Stickers??? So at the checkout stand, I asked the cashier if they had chocolate ones. We sure do and she took the time to go get us one.

So today has been a bit like the Groundhog's Day movie, explaining to Reyde that we wait until December to start eating the chocolate.

But here's the question. Should I do a survey with blogger's nifty survey option? Nah. I'll just go with my gut instinct.

What do you think we'll do? Do we count down and open the door with the number 25 on it tomorrow? Do we open the door with the #1? Why don't they have directions on the back of the packaging?